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Binaries Zip 0. Binary, all OSs. OpenSimulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. It can be used to create a virtual environment or world which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols, see Connecting. Optional Hypergrid allow users to visit other OpenSimulator installations across the web from their 'home' installation or grid.

In this way, it is the basis of a nascent distributed Metaverse. OpenSimulator allows virtual world developers to customize their worlds using the technologies they feel work best - we've designed the framework to be easily extensible. OpenSimulator is written in Crunning both on Windows over the. If you want to know about our development history, see History. However, OpenSimulator does not aim to become a clone of the Second Life server platform. Rather, the project aims to enable innovative feature development for virtual environments and the Metaverse at large.

OpenSimulator is getting more stable over time but is still a high complex software system that can suffer various bugs and quirks; handle with care! OpenSimulator is an open source project, and is powered by the community members that devote time and energy to the effort.

There are many ways to participate and contribute to the community:. Views Page Discussion View source History. Main Page From OpenSimulator. Jump to: navigationsearch. Image of past Moment: Downloads: Binaries Zip 0. General Main Page News. For Creators Content Creation Scripting. About This Wiki Recent changes. Image of past Moment:. Binary, all OSs sha1 hashes.Remember Me.

Welcome to OpenSimLounge. Check out our Land purchase Must be a member to get a free region send us a email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We hope you will enjoy our virtual world and what it has to offer. So what do you say, join us on an adventure into a world of possibilities, fun, excitement and so much more!

We also wanted to keep our website simple and not over crowded, as we know who wants to spend a lot of time on a website, when there is so much to do in world! Got any questions before joining? Sure contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions. Oh its gonna be fun, With-out members like you all, we wouldn't have the fun we're having. Well sign upjoin us on the inside and see what we have to offer for fun, music, shopping and more! Its gonna be an awesome journey!

Remember Members, you only see the extra features when you're logged into the website. Oh its getting good isn't it? We do have gloebits enabled and you can also set your things to paypal as well.

Objects are a no export as we decided to turn that off to help protect creators items. Our Tech is working very hard behind the scene daily keeping the grid running smooth.

The grid is open now for everyone to join FREE to play as always. Limited Tyme! Someone asked where they can donate, this is the grids paypal email This email address is being protected from spambots.

Thank you! Comments from members. Download it HERE. Firestorm Viewer is another option to use. You are here: Home. Forgot your username? Create an account.Provide easy-to-use, extensible software for modeling, simulating, controlling, and analyzing the neuromusculoskeletal system. OpenSim is a freely available, user extensible software system that lets users develop models of musculoskeletal structures and create dynamic simulations of movement.

Find out how to join the community and see the work being performed using OpenSim at opensim. Access all of our OpenSim resources at the new Support Site. Watch our Introductory Video get an overview of the OpenSim project and see how modeling can be used to help plan surgery for children with cerebral palsy.

Toggle navigation. Project Statistics. Join Mailing Lists. Suggest Idea. Scott Delp. Ayman Habib. Ajay Seth. Jennifer Hicks. Thomas Uchida. Christopher Dembia. Carmichael Ong.


People also viewed. Muscle contributions to mass center Analysis of arm swing during human walking. OpenSim plugin to extract the muscle lines of action. How much muscle strength is required to walk in Spasticity model in OpenSim. See all. OpenArm: Volumetric Models of Force- and Efficient Methods for Multi-Domain Biomechanical London Lower Limb Model. Platform for Dynamic Simulation and Control of Fiber Tractography for Finite-Element Modeling of Version 4.

Website design by Viewfarm. Forked from FusionForge 6.WhiskeyRunner In Dreamz. Medway Angels Photography and Mall. Mathilda Stark Caraway Island. Zoe Burke Klamotto. Live Traffic view all. Tainted Angel 27 minutes ago If you're with Outworldz They're having hardware issues, should be fixed soon. But I love your worlds! Defiled Fraggle 17 hours ago well done, very nice!

I felt nostalgic of our happy days in Tromso. Defiled Fraggle 2 days ago neat.


Pish 2 days ago Life's a beach. Do you stay at home?

OSCC18 - Dream Grid Opensimulator: A simple to use Windows compatible Opensimulator Front-End

Sorry for lacking pastas, but we have noodle, pizza and curry. A place to get free stuff Explore Dance or just having a good time. This Saturday is Arabian Nights themed, come and enjoy the music! The next meeting of the cross-grid roleplay group is April 12 at 1 p. Anyone who has a roleplay region and anyone interested in learning about roleplay of any kind should attend.

We are trying to get roleplay going across grid lines. It is April 14 To celebrate the last night at sea, the first class passengers are staying up late, dressing in their finery and meeting in the Grand Salon to dance the night away. Dress up in period costume and come join the celebration. An hour of ballroom dancing in the Grand Salon of the Titanic! The dance will be from PM to PM grid time which was in the middle of the night in the middle of the Atlantic, so put your viewer Sun setting on midnight.

Seeking freebie contents from the designers for clothes and furniture to share with others at the Creative Angel store. Contact me here.Please remember that this grid runs on donations!

Please donate today to help keep this grid running strong. The original purpose of OSgrid was to provide for a test platform for the development and testing of new code for opensimulator. This purpose has continued but with the additional purpose of providing a free and open source social platform, for the expansion of the arts, education and scientific advancement and to promote the further advancement of the opensimulator project.

OSgrid is a non-profit effort, so to keep the grid online each month, we rely on your continued tax deductible for US residents donations. We are a registered c 3 non-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers. While we appreciate single donations we much prefer regular donations that allow us to balance our costs more effectively.

Tweets sur OSgrid View on Twitter. This video can help you understand Osgrid. About Osgrid The original purpose of OSgrid was to provide for a test platform for the development and testing of new code for opensimulator. Donations OSgrid is a non-profit effort, so to keep the grid online each month, we rely on your continued tax deductible for US residents donations. Albertlr Landar Job: Homesteads - Plazas. Foxx Bode Job: Homesteads - Plazas.There are hundreds thousands?

Many of them are free to use and welcome new users. This grid list is a community-generated list of such worlds. If you would like to experience an OpenSimulator-based virtual world before installing your own, try one of these.

Do not include advertising language. The entries in the main list should just contain the gridname and the plain numbers as defined by the column headers. Grids are listed in the order of appearance, so please add your entry to the bottom of the list.

Anyone found inserting a grid up higher in the list will have their entry removed. Credit is appreciated but not required. If you own a grid and are interested in joining a grid association see this page: Grid Associations. This is a list of Grids that been inactive for a few days and or have claimed to be inactive by the owner.

Please also take extra care to write down there last position. This is a good place to get to know what is going on with OpenSim. These are run at the same time every week. It may also be a good chance to meet people who can answer questions you may have. You are commenting using your WordPress.


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Welcome to The Oasis!

Notify me of new posts via email. Opensim Grid. Skip to content. Home Grid List. Grid List What is the Grid List?


Viradu We have just migrated to OSGrid. This world is now open for settlement. Experimental servers testing new versions towards having hypergrid and megaregion functionality, but stable sim server version is currently 5. Right now this is more for my amusement than anything. Looking for testers or just bored people who have extra time on their hands. No registration required. Use any name you like. Com YourSimSpot.For over 13 years That Place has provided some of the best attractions, rides and amusements on Second Life as well as the Opensim Hypergrid.

Recently, we changed direction a bit to shift our focus on building a new hypergrid compatible Space CRPG! The Oasis is free to play, and you can even make money doing it. Farm essential foods and agriculture to trade with other players, open a shop and sell weapons or even go big and open a Shipyard!

There are several space bases, shops, and plots of land available for purchase using in-game credits. You can purchase credit using Paypal, or earn credit by growing, harvesting or mining items other players need. Gloebits is a rapidly growing multi-grid currency that can be spent on several Opensim grids. We use it as the official Player-to-Player currency, allowing players to sell their wares and then use their Gloebits on other grids, or cash them out for real world money.

The Secretary of Space is elected by the players, with re-elections running on a schedule to be determined. Formerly That Place Amusements. Unlimited customization options making your character uniquely yours! Free to Play The Oasis is free to play, and you can even make money doing it. Own Property There are several space bases, shops, and plots of land available for purchase using in-game credits. Real Cash Economy Gloebits is a rapidly growing multi-grid currency that can be spent on several Opensim grids.


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